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How long is the H&H Treatment Services sex offender program?
The length of treatment is directly related to the motivation and the accountability of the H&H Treatment client. When our clients take accountability for his/her treatment, is open and honest with themselves and their treatment team, participates in group and individual sessions, treatment is efficient and effective.

Does H&H Treatment Services recognize treatment completed with another provider?
We take into account previous treatment our clients have completed. Throughout the treatment process we assess the client to ensure that previous assignments are not duplicated. H&H Treatment and the treatment team will continually evaluate the clients performance and may require repeating some previous assignments or phases.

What does H&H Treatment Services sex offender program consist of?
The typical client will participate in weekly 90 minute groups and one 50 minute individual session per month. H&H Treatment also provides family/marital therapy as needed and chaperone training to those that qualify. Depending on the needs of the client, the frequency and intensity of treatment may be adjusted to best fit the client.

How much does H&H Treatment Services cost?
Our fees are $45 per group, $75 per individual session which will cost the average client $235 per month. It is very important to understand that the motivation of the client coupled with H&H Treatment Program’s ability to individualize and tailor treatment, directly correlates with the speed, length and overall end cost of treatment.

Does H&H Treatment use polygraphs?
H&H Treatment views the polygraph as an important treatment tool that can help the client and treatment team create an individualized treatment plan, making treatment more effective and efficient. Our clients prepare and take a full disclosure sexual history polygraph early in treatment. Some clients also will take a crime of conviction and maintenance polygraphs as deemed necessary by the treatment team.

What will I need to start treatment with H&H Treatment?
The new client will first and foremost need motivation to work and complete their treatment program. Basic information will also be needed such as contact numbers, addresses, parole/probation information, identified chaperones and previous treatment.

Will parole and the state recognize and accept H&H Treatment programs?
The Idaho Department of Corrections reviewed and approved H&H Treatment to provide specialized sex offender treatment.

Who is eligible to enroll in H&H Treatment?
We accept new clients that are willing to work and comply with our treatment program. The new client will need to have their probation/parole officer’s consent to begin treatment with H&H Treatment. The potential client cannot be actively suicidal or psychotic.

What types of sexual abusers does H&H Treatment provide treatment for?
H&H Treatment provides sex offender treatment for both male and females with sexual behavioral problems. We serve those offenders on bench probation, parole, pre and post-prison offenders.

Will I ever be able to see my family/victims again?
Yes. H&H Treatment has extensive experience and knowledge in reunifying clients with their families and victims when it is approved by the treatment team, is healthy and appropriate. A focus of our treatment is to help our clients prepare for and participate in the clarification process with the victim and or families of their crimes.

What do I get out of completing this treatment program?
Our treatment program has been designed to not only address sexual offending behaviors, but also other deviant criminal behaviors. Research shows that it is more likely to be recommitted for a non-sex crime than for a new sex offense. Those that successfully implement our treatment program have been able to begin living a new non-offending lifestyle.